Questions? Here, please find general information for you to consider regarding hiring an assistant. Naturally, Ink & Internet hopes you decide to choose to stay, and looks forward to working with you soon.

Q. What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A virtual assistant (VA), virtual support professional, or freelance assistant is an individual who provides creative support, office administration, performs the work of a personal assistant, or completes social and/or technical services from a remote location other than that of the main client.
    As a newsletter editor for two publications, a Communications Director, someone who performed various critiques and editing, and as the Director of Write Canada, I have executed virtual-specific work for the past nine years. Phone calls, emails, texts, video conferences, and shared sites provide many avenues of reliable communication.

Q. How can a virtual or freelance assistant help me or my business?
    Receiving help from a VA could range from a book edited or electronically published, to needing an extra hand completing a job in your business. Social media also plays a huge part in how the outside world becomes aware of or perceives you. A VA can set up or routinely manage many facets of your "social" world when you don't have the time or the know-how.
    Here's what I offer you. In my primary services, assist you to: write, proofread, or edit books, letters, articles, etc; maintain your website; maintain and moderate your social media; complete eBook formatting and uploads to online distributors and Print on Demand; and, design newsletters, bulletins, and brochures.
    If you need it done online, check out Services & Prices for your area.

Q. What does a virtual assistant charge?
    Pay rates should be based on skill + value, and what is being deposited into your business. If your book, ad, promotion, web/social page, or event will bring in a $2000 profit for you, or $50 per month over the next year, then investing $250 or $100 to complete the project is good value. The bottom line is to find someone who does what you need done. You are the one who needs to determine what your project is worth for your success.
    I have over 20 years of experience in office administration, computer work, creative and technical writing, and layout design. Capturing your vision to show others is my goal. My limit of 10 clients is to help ensure unique and constant care of your project. That's what I do for your success.

Q. Should I share confidential information with my VA?
    Completing a valuable project is dependent on the information you give. This is why a trustworthy assistant is invaluable, one who holds the integrity to fulfill your project and your confidence. Knowing the full scope of what you are looking for (if you have a set plan, or one we work out together), will bring about a richer project for you in the long run. Do not be afraid to share your information, it is yours and will remain so.
    I understand the hesitation of letting someone else in on your dream let alone for the world to see. Let us package your idea with your best foot forward.


Writing and editing review for the novella "A Crazy Little Winter Vacay"

"I really enjoyed this story! It reminded me of a Hallmark movie!"--Reader


Andi delivers. She listens, she relates, and she generates ideas that move the conversation forward. She wants what's best for me. I trust her, and I would happily work with her again! -- Armig A.


I would highly recommend Andi Ayers' critiques. She helped me see how to bring description and life to my story scenes--all in a very encouraging manner. Her critiques gave me hope and made a great positive change toward better writing. -- Jackie Zack


I have worked with Andi for a couple of years. She has extremely positive energy surrounding her at all times. She is meticulous in her work and is always focused on her attention to detail. She has been looking after our website and is doing an excellent job. She has creative ideas and is consistently improving the look and feel. Thanks Andi! -- Jack G.


Andi worked for me for several years providing exceptional assistant duties. Andi’s attention to detail and anticipatory actions significantly enhanced the work flow within my office environment. Her organizational skills managed a very busy influx of meeting requests and dynamic changes to schedules on a daily basis. Her customer service was extraordinary, having the fluidity to deal with highly sensitive issues in the workplace with employees at all levels of the organization. Andi’s technical skills, creativity and technological aptitude were deployed regularly with exceptional results through her work on our website, meeting schedule calendar, file management and all formal correspondence from my department.

I would without hesitation recommend Andi to any business who would be able to utilize her highly developed administrative and customer service skill set. -- D. Johnston